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Willow Rose Designs UK

Crystal Ball Plant Sticks

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Aura Quartz Plant Sticks

The home accessory you didn't know you needed! As if you didn't already love gazing at your houseplants enough already, they'll be even lovelier to stare at with a crystal ball plant stick. 

Angel Aura

Angel aura quartz is formed when clear quartz is super heated with metals which attach to the surface of the crystal. This becomes the "aura" - a highly iridescent, colourful sheen on the surface of the crystal. In these spheres it presents with a captivating blue effect, much like bubbles.

The Details 

Each plant stick is approximately 10" in height.

The stake is made with rust proof, waterproof aluminium. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

Pleased not place your crystal in directly sunlight in case of sun refraction causing housefires. 


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    Your order will be handmade with love and attention to order. No two pieces are exactly the same! Tailored just for you, your piece will be as unique as you are. This means it can take up to two weeks for your items to arrive. We promise - it's worth the wait!

  • Jewellery Care

    Most pieces are made with high quality silver-plated metals. To maintain their bright shine, you can gently wipe your jewellery with a silver polish cloth. Regular wear also helps keep your jewellery in peak condition - and we know you'll never want to take your items off!