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Your Self Care Crystal Kit

Your Self Care Crystal Kit

With Valentine's day approaching, we're all thinking about love and relationships a lot. But in the words of a wise drag queen - "If you can't love yourself, how in the Hell are you gonna love anybody else?!" Take some time to lavish the love on yourself this Valentine's season with these crystals.

Why Choose Crystals?

Why would we reach for crystals when we feel the need to practise self care? Crystals have long been used for their energies to aid the manifestation of feelings and emotions in ourselves. When we want to amplify a feeling, it can help to turn to specific crystals known for their specific vibrations to achieve what we're trying to feel. 

We can use crystals to meditate with, to wear, or to pop around our homes or in our pockets. These are all ways to connect with the crystal and remember what we are working to accomplish.


As you work with crystals, you will begin to find that there are certain stones you reach for the most, Mine is amethyst. The soothing, gentle purple tones in this calming crystal are my favourite way to unwind and take a mental breather. 

Amethyst is known for its relaxing and calming properties, and can be a great help for anxiety and unrest, Let it soften you and call you to calmness, making space for love and care instead. 

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the "master healer". It is the most essential crystal to have in your kit, and can step in for most other crystals! Clear quartz can amplify and strengthen your manifestations, so if you're thinking hard about loving yourself and carving time for self care - this crystal is the one you need! 

There's also smoky quartz, which is almost the opposite and can wick away energies you don't need. Try carrying or wearing smoky quartz and clear quartz both and let them work together to spirit away insecurity, and welcome in confidence and love.


Selenite is a soft (in both colour and actual hardness), gentle crystal. If you're stuck in a rut with negative thoughts that you're struggling to be rid of, selenite will shoo them away and tell you to be kind to yourself. It's like a best friend giving us a gentle hug just when we needed one, It can also charge your other crystals, so it's a very useful mineral to have in your kit!


Sunny citrine wants us to feel happy and confident! The warm yellow tones of the crystal can be an immediate mood booster, and it is here to help raise our self esteem and focus on what we want. If selenite is giving us a cuddle, citrine is whooping and cheering us on!

Rose Quartz

Lastly and perhaps most obviously, it's great to have some of the love crystal in your self care arsenal. Rose quartz isn't just associated with romantic love, but is a great crystal for self-love and care. Working on our relationships with ourselves and our nearest and dearest can combine to create a loving and supportive network, and rose quartz is a versatile stone to strengthen those connections, 

Why not try our range of crystal bracelets, where you'll find many of these recommendations. Wearing crystals on your wrist is a tactile way to connect with the stones, allowing you to run your fingers over them whenever you feel the need, as well as keeping them close to a pulse point for ultimate connection.

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