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How to Choose the Perfect Gift in 3 Easy Steps!

How to Choose the Perfect Gift in 3 Easy Steps!


It can be overwhelming to choose a piece of jewellery to gift to somebody you love. Jewellery is expressive and personal and everybody's taste varies so much - so how could you possibly choose the right thing? 

This is a dilemma shared by people everywhere, so let's break it down into 3 easy steps and find out how you can choose the perfect jewellery gift!

1. W h a t  i s  t h e i r  S T Y L E ?

Take a closer look at the person you're buying for. What is their style? Do they already wear a lot of jewellery? Are they bright and bold, monochrome, minimalistic? Here are some things you can take note of:

  • Are they wearing something bold and eye-catching? Or are they into small, barely-there minimalism?

  • Do they seem to wear a lot of patterns? Florals, botanicals, animal-themed? Or more block colours?

  • Do they have a preferred colour or set of colours that they wear a lot?

If they tend to wear neutral colours such as greys, blacks and whites, I'd recommend choosing some simple and minimalistic jewellery such as a sterling silver ring or a neutral coloured crystal piece.

For those who like to wear lots of colour in their outfits, check out my range of colourful bracelets!

2.  W h a t  i s  t h e i r  P E R S O N A L I T Y?

Someone's personality speaks volumes about what their jewellery style might be! Jewellery is often an expression of our own character. Ask yourself;

  • Are they loud and confident, or quieter?
  • Are they outgoing? Or introverted?
  • Are they very neat, or a bit more haphazard?
Matching a jewellery piece to a personality doesn't have to be tricky! Let the jewellery speak to you as you browse - do you see some earrings like these and think it reminds you of your recipient's character, or are they more like this pendant?
    3. W o u l d  t h e y  t r e a s u r e  a  c e r t a i n  M E A N I N G ?

    Some have a greater sense of sentimentality than others. Here are some things your receipient might value in terms of the meaning of their jewellery:
    • Are they spiritual? Would they value particular crystals with their associated meanings?
    • Do they have children? Would they appreciate a personalised piece pertaining to their kids?
    • Is there a special moment in their life they'd like to commemorate with jewellery?

    If your receipient would want to mark a special time, such as a birth or an anniversary, these moon phase rings are a great and unique way to remember these moments! 

    For those who enjoy crystals and their associations, try these crystal shell necklaces.

      Now that you have a more in-depth idea of what style, personality and meaning you might want to put into your chosen gifts, follow the links below for some more ideas of what you might be looking for!


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