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Fire Gazing

Fire Gazing

If you've ever sat around a campfire or glanced at a candle and found yourself relaxing and losing yourself in the flickering, ever-changing flames - you've already tried fire gazing without even realising! Fire is an intense and yet soothing element, it can destroy and create. It is said that gazing at the shapes created by a flame can give us hints about the future. And even if that doesn't work, it can be a particularly strong form of meditation. 


Fire burns towards the heavens and was said to originate there. It is a symbol of cleansing - witches were once burned at the stake if they were discovered. Fire is associated with the following astrological signs: 

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

These signs are considered to be "fiery" in personality which can mean any number of things! 


Some crystals are associated with fire, usually because of their colouring and appearance. These can replace the element of fire on an altar if needed. 
  • Sunstone
  • Carnelian
  • Amber
  • Bloodstone
  • Fire opal


How to Fire Gaze

Fire gazing can be done by anybody. It's best performed in a quiet space where you can achieve a sense of peace and calm. You can use a firepit, bonfire or a candle - any flame that you can sit safely near and watch for 15-20 minutes. This is a lovely calming activity and it can be great fun interpreting what you see! 
Start by getting comfortable near your flame. Take a few breaths and relax as fully as you can. Look at your chosen flame with relaxed eyes - it's ok to let your vision blur. Quietly watch the flicker and dance of the flames. What do you see? 

Large Flame Reading

If you've chosen a firepit, hearth fire or bonfire to study, see if you can see any shapes emerge in the flame or the smoke. Here are a few symbols which have significant meanings if you see them! 
  • Purse: money will come into your life
  • Boat: you will go on a journey
  • Cat: you will succeed in your work
  • Tree: you will be happy in love 
  • Heart: someone is thinking loving thoughts about you 

Grab a notebook and write down what you see. Look up their symbolic meanings and see what the fire has said to you!

Candle Reading

Candles are a much more accessible flame, but the fire may not be substantial enough to see shapes and symbols. We can however ask questions and discern the answers from the movement of the candle flame. Here are some things to look for once you've asked a question:
  • High steady flame: yes
  • Low/short flame: no
  • Flickering flame: wavering fortune
  • Dancing flame: change 
  • Spark: an important message will come
  • Spiral flame: a warning 
  • Left leaning flame: yes
  • Right leaning flame: no


At your bonfire celebrations or at a quiet time at home, why not have a go at fire reading and take some calm time to fully relax. You might receive a message and if not, you're sure to feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

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