Crystals for Relationships

Crystals for Relationships

With February approaching, you may be thinking more about your relationships. This doesn't exclusively mean your partner/s, but your family, friends and colleagues too! A relationship is formed with anyone you interact with, and maybe you want to enrich these relationships. Here are some crystals to reach for to help you!


I have happy and healthy relationships with those around me.

L A P I S ~ L A Z U L I

Lapis lazuli is the communication stone. It is a stunning blue stone which can be found in many forms such as jewellery! If you want to improve communication with loved ones, use lapis lazuli to facilitate conversation. Here are some of our favourite ways to wear it!


R O S E ~ Q U A R T Z

Give unconditional love in your relationships to attract the same in return. Rose quartz is the love stone, and can be used to remind you to radiate love vibes. Wear it whenever you spend time with loved ones - here are some everyday wear ideas!




Sometimes the relationship you most need to connect with is your relationship with yourself. For this, reach for citrine. Citrine fosters self esteem and protects against self destruction. We have beautiful citrine candles to bring this energy into your entire zone. 


We hope you feel inspired to nurture your relationships using these three key crystals! Click the images to see the items photographed for further information.

Willow Rose Designs x