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Crystals for Grief

Crystals for Grief

Our family is recently bereaved. Grief is all-consuming and manifests so differently in every one of us. Personally I turn to rituals and symbols to manage my grief, and it sooths me because our lost loved one was very much a believer of ritual and the power of crystals too. Here are some crystals which can be used to ease the bereavement process. 



Grief is a huge emotion that can blanket all others and leave little room for anything else. Carnelian can help to bring some balance to the big energies of sadness and anger surrounding grief. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the love stone. Grief is an embodiment of our love for our lost one enduring through death, but we need love for ourselves and each other too. Rose quartz can help nurture self compassion. 


Rhodonite is a soothing crystal which can help to guide us gently to the acceptance stage of grief, the stage where we can start to take steps forward. 


Associated with the moon which is cyclical, moonstone is a stone of change and phases. It can help us to pass through the stages of grief and to cope with the changes in everyday life brought about by losing a loved one who was part of it. 


Amethyst is a strongly healing stone. It is there to help numb some emotions and feelings. It's a good all-rounder for big feelings and times in our life. 


Let lepidolite tell you it's ok to release your sadness. It's a very soft, calming stone and allows you the space to let go of your feelings.
Although none of these crystals can magically fix how you feel, it can be comforting to keep some of them to hand in trying times to give us the courage to step forward. Don't forget - if feelings of depression become overwhelming, reach out to a medical professional to help. Crystals can never replace medicine and mental health provisions! 
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