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Autumn Crystals

Autumn Crystals

Autumn is upon us. The lush green trees are about to fade, and the balmy evenings are becoming cold and dark. This time of transition can come with many different emotions from grieving the warm long days, to contentment pulling out our favourite warmwear and candles. Here are some crystals to ease you through the season. 


The buttery tones of citrine remind us of sun and the warmth. If you are going to miss easy sunny days, have some citrine nearby to bring a little bit of sunshine to you when you need it. Both citrine and the colour yellow are associated with warmth and happiness, so it's like summer in a gemstone! 

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Lapis Lazuli

The long nights gives us ample time to tap into our creativity and hobbies. Lapis lazuli will help to give you the inspiration you need to be creative and make the best use of this season. 



You might not be ready to let go of your shades and flipflops. I get it ! But transitioning between seasons is much easier when you are able to accept the change and make adaptations. Rhodonite will help you to move smoothly with the season change rather than clinging to the summer. 


Unfortunately, a change of season often means a return of dormant bugs and viruses. The cold weather heralds sniffles and colds. Be sure to take the very best care of your health and natural immunity with the help of beautiful ametrine. Drink lots of warm drinks and grab your cosiest blankets!


Highly reflective hematite helps you to reflect on your favourite moments of the last few months. Make photo albums, scrapbooks or whatever you want to preserve the best memories you made this summer. 
Don't forget you can shop by crystal or use the search function to find particular crystals on the website. If you're building your autumn crystal stash and don't see what you're looking for, don't hesitate to fire me a message using the contact form and I'll source your favourite crystals !
Cat x
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