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๐—ฉ๐—ถ๐—ธ๐—ถ๐—ป๐—ด ๐—ฅ๐˜‚๐—ป๐—ฒ ๐—•๐—ฟ๐—ฎ๐—ฐ๐—ฒ๐—น๐—ฒ๐˜

The perfect unisex gift - this viking rune copper bangle is hand stamped with your choice of fathark norse runes. Choose the meanings that resonate with you to wear every day.

"If youโ€™re thinking about getting these, just get them theyโ€™re so beautiful!"

๐—ก๐—ผ๐—ฟ๐˜€๐—ฒ ๐—ฅ๐˜‚๐—ป๐—ฒ๐˜€

The norse runic alphabet is an ancient and meaningful means of communicating a myriad of hidden meanings. Using the provided dictionary, select the runes you resonate with the most. They will be hand stamped into a copper bangle cuff and stained with dark enamel to create a powerful and beautiful accessory for any recipient.

๐—ง๐—ต๐—ฒ ๐—ฅ๐˜‚๐—ป๐—ฒ ๐—ฅ๐—ฎ๐—ป๐—ด๐—ฒ

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